Departments and Categories


Visually on the Android App, products are grouped into Categories. This is how the cashier will search for items when ringing up a sale. Behind the scenes, the hierarchy is that a Department can contain several Categories linked to it.

Each Category can be linked to only one Department.

Each Product can be linked to only one Category. 


Department --> Deli

              Category --> Coffee

                             Products --> Café Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano, Ice Coffee

Category --> Breakfast

                            Products --> Buttermilk Pancakes, Belgium Waffle, Mushroom Omelet,

 Department --> Convenience Store

              Category --> Groceries

                             Products --> Milk ½ gallon, Soy Milk ½ gallon, Colombian Coffee 1 lbs

Category --> Beer

                            Products --> Miller Lite 6 pack, Heineken 12 pack


Adding Departments to the system is only 4 clicks away.   Click on the ‘Store’  icon on the toolbar menu and select “Department Management”.  Pressing the ‘+ Add new’ button will allow you to create a new Department. 

Once you create a Department, the system automatically creates a “Default” Category associated to this Department. To rename this Category or to add new ones to the Department, select “Categories Management” on the ‘Store’  Menu Option. Click on the pencil button highlighted below to edit / change information about the selected Category.

Departments and Categories 2.png