Gift Cards


To use Gift Cards, you first must enable this in the Back Office portal settings. Please see ‘Store Settings’ and enable Gift Cards.

Once that is enabled, check with your processor to ensure that they support gift cards.

Once that is completed, make sure your PAX is connected to Bemacash (If it is not, please reference ‘PAX Pin Pad Settings’).

Go back to the Bemacash dashboard by pressing the back button. Click on the “Register” button. After enabling gift cards, you should see an icon on the top right that looks like a gift box. When you click on this button, you will see two options “Gift Card Balance” and “Reload Gift Card”.

When you click on “Gift Card Balance”, it will ask you to swipe your gift card on the PAX machine. This will show the gift card balance on the screen and will also give you an option to print a receipt with the balance.

To add value to a new gift card or to an existing gift card, click on “Reload Gift Card”. This will ask you how much you want to add to the gift card.

When you go to pay it will ask you the type of payment. If you pay with a credit card, it will charge the credit card first. After the credit card is approved, it will ask you to swipe the gift card.