Gratuity / Tip Control


User privileges apply for this feature.

Bemacash is prepared to work with PRE-AUTH credit card transactions, where tips can be applied after the credit card is swiped and to control cash tips assigned directly to employees.


Credit Card PRE-AUTHS

To apply a tip on a credit card transaction, you first need to enable Tips for the store on the Web Portal (option is under Store Settings - Gratuity). When Tips are enabled, ALL credit card transactions are handled as pre-authorization requests to the payment gateway, meaning they will remain open until tips are applied or the automatic back end settlement is performed (whatever comes first).

Go to the 'Sales History' by clicking the clock icon on the top right of the screen. You will see all transactions that gratuity have not yet been applied to marked as “Open” on the Status Column.

On the order details screen, you will find the “Add Tips” button, as shown below.

Enter the tip amount and the employee who the tip will be paid to. Press “Confirm” to apply the gratuity.

Once finished, the transaction will be marked as Closed and the “Add Tip” button will be disabled.


Tips On-the-Fly

If you have configured your shop to work with tips on the fly (Store settings of the Web Admin interface), you will be prompted to enter tips during the tendering of a credit card.

After swiping the credit card, the dialog window below will appear, where you can enter a suggested tip amount or press the Skip button to close the PRE-AUTH transaction without any tips.


Cash Tips

To manually assign a cash tip to an employee, go to the employee screen and tap on the Option Menu.

Select the “Add Tips” option as shown below.

The Add Tips dialog will appear. You can assign cash tips to a specific employee or have the system split the tips evenly among all employees.

Tip reports are run on the merchant web portal. There, you can view the tips that have been paid for each employee on different shifts or for a specific period of time. Gratuity details can also be exported to an excel file (csv format).