Hardware Settings


In the Settings screen on the Register App, select the Hardware tab.


Printer Settings

The information described below applies to printers working with DHCP mode. Visit topic “Alternative hardware setup” for learning other methods (static IP) to configure your printer.

Click on the magnifying glass icon on the top right to search for available LR2000 Ethernet or USB cable printers.  

Select your printer(s) and press Select to add it (them) to the list of configured printers.

The printer used for the checkout must be assigned to alias “Receipt Printer”.

Turn ON the “Print Logo” option to enable the system to print the logo pre-loaded on the LR2000 Bematech printer. For further detail, please check LR2000 printer manual.


By tapping on the printer IP address shown on the list you will be able to view status of the printer, as shown below.

Printer Status.PNG

Remote (Kitchen) printers can be easily configured on the system by following the steps below.

Tap on the settings button on the top menu bar as shown below, and select Manage Printer Alias.

After selecting “Manage Printer Alias”, click on the ‘+’  button and enter a name/description for the printer that properly reflects the location (role) of the printer on the dialog box that is displayed to you. Confirm and the new Alias will be created in the system.


Once a new alias is configured to the system, it will become available to you when you add a new printer to the system. 

To start printing tickets to your kitchen or bar, go to the inventory module and assign a kitchen printer to the item and the system will send a ticket to the specified printer whenever the sales transaction is completed. Printer receipts template is shown below.

Note: For SB8010A that uses a USB printer, the first time used, it will prompt “Allow the app Bemacash to access the USB device?” please click OK to allow SB8010A to use USB device; the printer is ready to use after this.

Pax Pin Pad Settings

To work with a pin pad, you will need to configure a certified PAX terminal in the system by following the steps below.

1.       Tap on 'PAX pinpad settings' on the left panel.

2.       Press on the '+' button

3.       Enter terminal IP address (IP address is shown on the pin pad terminal screen)

4.       Press OK and wait for “Device Ready” Message.

Once a pin pad device is added to the system, Bemacash will process all electronic transactions through it (credit card, debit card, EBT). 

Cash Drawer Settings

The default settings for cash drawer sensor should work out of the box for the CD415 cash drawer.  If a different cash drawer is used on the system, you may need to adjust the parameter “Pin High” to Closed instead of Opened. Different cash drawers’ models (or vendors) may have different interpretations for this status response.

You can optionally choose the system not to check the cash drawer status for any cash transactions such as sales, returns, drops, payouts.   By default, the application will block use if the cash drawer is detected open after these transactions, for security reasons.

Customer Display Settings and Operation

After the customer display is successfully paired in the system (Check picture above for Paired device under System setting) you can activate it in the application.

Click on the magnifying glass icon to search for the Customer display. Select “Integrated Customer display (when existent for your device) or any other customer display available in your Bemacash Bundle” and activation is complete.

When the customer display is activated, item description and cost will be shown on the display when rung up on the Register. You can also configure a Welcome Message to be displayed while the register is idle. This message is setup on the ‘Store Settings’ from the Merchant Web page.

Barcode Scanners

Bemacash works with Bematech’s Bluetooth or USB barcode scanners. Please, check with your reseller what options are available or contact Bematech).

First, you need set your Bluetooth device to work in SPP slave mode (check the device's Quick Start Guide). Then you will have to pair the Bluetooth device with your tablet:

On the Android Device Settings, select Bluetooth and perform a scan to search for available devices. Once the device is selected, type “12345678” and finalize procedure. You will see the device listed as a PAIRED device.

After the pairing is complete at the system level, you can activate the scanner in the Bemacash App by following these steps:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon and select your scanner model (BR-200BT or BR-800BT) from the dialog screen.
  • Your device will then be configured and activated to be used in your Register.

Scale Settings

Select the ‘Scale Settings’ on the left-hand side of the hardware settings screen. Connect the scale (CAS PD-II) to the Bemacash terminal via serial cable. Once connected, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right hand corner. Select the com port that the scale is connected to.