Inventory Quantity Adjustment


When an item is marked as serialized, every addition to the stock must have a unique serial number (or ICCID or IMEI) associated with it.  The flow below explains how to add inventory of serialized items to your store. After you click on the field "Available Quantity" the popup message will appear:

Clicking on the link will take you to the serial number management page for the selected product.

Clicking on the button "Add multiple" will allow you to enter several items at once. Enter the quantity of items being Received or Adjusted in the popup box below.

For each item you will input the serial number, condition (NEW by default) and Warranty Period that will be applied to this product. The warranty period starts to tick from the date the item is sold and it affects the return operation of this item by the Register. If the warranty has expired, the system will not allow the cashier to process a return, unless a manager authorizes it.

Press "Save" when all items have been entered.