Inventory Reference Item


A reference item is an item that is used to create a matrix based on that item. This is a no-sale item that is mostly used in clothing stores. For instance, you can create a reference item called Polo T-Shirt. Under this reference item you can create a matrix to help you populate all the sizes and colors of this Polo T-Shirt.


On the toolbar, click on the ‘Store’  icon and select “Inventory Management”. On the right-hand side press the ‘+ + Add Reference’  button. Here you can add the description and the sales price of your reference item. Open the Variants section on the bottom of the page. This is where you will add the different types of variants for your reference item. In this example, it is a polo t shirt so we will use size and color as an example. Under variant we will put Size. Under quantity we will put 3 for three different sizes.

Press the  ‘+’ button and it will ask you to enter the three types of variants. In this case, it will be Small, Medium, and Large.

When you press confirm you will see the parent variant followed by the child variants. If you need more variants you can just add another one with the corresponding quantity. 

As you can see from the above example There are two parent variants with 3 child variants for each. To populate the matrix, press the pencil icon. button You will see the matrix description of all the items that will be created into your system. Click the button ‘Populate Matrix Items’ and it will create all the items and put them into your inventory. You can then verify by checking your inventory to ensure that all those items are populated. Once created, these will act like normal inventory. You can adjust any option in these items such as price or tax.