Multiple Item Discount


On the toolbar, click on the 'Store' icon, select “Special Pricing” --> Multiple Item Discount. Click on the '+ Add new' button on the top right. Add the description of your item discount.

There are multiple different types of discounting that can be done here. This example illustrates how to do a specific quantity of one item and set a sale price.

The price of a bottle of coke is normally $2.00. The sale is if you buy 2 bottles of coke it will only cost $3.00. In the description, start typing the name of the product that you want to use and it will auto fill.

As you can see above, a bottle of coke has been added. The price gets auto-filled from inventory. So, for this example, the quantity has been changed to 2. There are two ways to create this discount:

1) Input the final price (in this case, set it to $3.00) or,

2) Change the discount percent to 25%.

Above, the price has been changed to a final price of $3.00. To change the discount, you first need to remove the Final Price amount, then you can change the discount. Click on save and it will bring you back to the Multiple Item Discount dashboard. Here you can edit, delete or add another multiple item discount.

Multiple items can be added to the Item Discount feature. There are many different types of combinations that can be used.