Multiple Shop


Multiple Shop solution enables you to setup and manage all your shops (chain stores) in one centralized Back Office. If you are a chain store owner, please contact your reseller to enable Multiple Shop solution for you.

The sections below will guide you through how to setup Multiple Shop:

Multiple Shop: Add a New Shop

After Multiple Shop is enabled for your store, you will notice there is a new “Settings” menu on the top after you login. Here is where you can manage your shops and employees.

Click the “Settings” menu, and then click “Shops Management” to add a new shop to your store.

Multiple Shop: Switch Between Shops

Once the new shop is added, you can switch between shops on the top right corner of every screen. 

Multiple Shop: Inventory Management

In Multiple Shop, there is a new option, “All”, on the left side. This “All” option enables you to view all inventory across every shop. You can also easily add an item from a different shop.

E.G.:  In the first picture above, the inventory is in “This Shop Only” which indicates it only has current shop’s items. In the second picture above, the inventory is in “All” which indicates it has all items in every shop. The item “2400mAh ebai Universal Mobile Power Bank Pink WOW-6417” above shows an 'Add' button on the right; this means the item is in a different shop but not in the current shop. If you want this item added to your shop, you can simply click 'Add' to add this item to your shop.

To add an item to the inventory, just click '+Add new' and fill out item description and price. Once you click save it will prompt you to select the shop you want to add/edit the item to. The default shop is always your current shop, but if you want to add the item to multiple shops, you can click multiple shop names to do so.

which shop.PNG

Multiple Shop: Department / Category Management

Like inventory management in Multiple Shop, in Department & Category you can view existing Departments & Categories by simply clicking the 'Add' button, or you can click '+Add new' to create a new one.

Note: if you perform an 'Add' in Category Management, its Department will also be added.

Multiple Shop: Inventory Transfer

The Inventory Transfer feature allows you to perform stock transfer from one shop to another.

To do so, click 'Store' menu on the top, then select “Inventory Management”. Click 'Transfer' to start a transfer process.

First, select the “From” to choose which shop you want to get stock from, then select “To” to choose which shop you want to receive the stock. Then select the item from the item box and enter the quantity to begin the stock transfer.*

*Please note that you cannot perform a stock transfer when the quantity of an item being transferred is greater than the available quantity of that item (available quantity is shown at the end of items).


Hint: You can narrow down the item selection by typing the item’s description. 


Multiple Shop: Employee Permission Management

The permission of an employee in Multiple shop is same as single shop, however in Multiple shop you can give an employee permissions to more than one shop as below:


Employee Rob is an experienced cashier in “bobs store”; he can perform all kinds of functions such as sale/discount/refund. In “Bobs shop2” he can only do basic sales transactions.