Report Module


User privileges apply for this feature.

You can run several different reports from the Bemacash register.

Report content is detailed on the ‘Report Table’ from topic “Web Reports”.

Different reports have different filter criteria (such as Date, Register Terminal, Customer Name, Cashier Name, etc). They also offer the options to be printed, exported or emailed.

As an example, see the screen below which shows a Re-stock Report. It shows the quantity on-hold, the recommended quantity configured on the item’s file and the suggested re-order quantity. Notice on the toolbar the different icons that allow this report to be printed/exported and emailed. 



Sales Summary Report

This is a graphical report that provides an easy view of your store’s sales performance across dates/times. With this report, you can easily identify your peak days and times, helping you plan your store operations accordingly.

There are several filtering criteria that you can apply for this report, such as:

  • Register --> You can view sales for all your registers or individual registers
  • Dates --> Choose beginning and end dates for the report view
  • Transactions or Amount --> You can view the bar graph for either the number of sales transactions or the revenue totals.

By clicking on the top right panel (“Top Items view”), the application will graphically display the most sold items and their quantities in the horizontal bars.



Running your Payroll

Bemacash allows you to control your employee attendance and run a payroll report. First, make sure your employees are clocking-in and clocking-out from the dashboard option.

 The system will track the date and time for all your employees. You have two reports that will support running your payroll.

  • Employee Attendance --> Detailed clock-in/out for each of your employees for the date range selected.
  • Employee Payroll --> This will calculate and display the amount due for each employee based on the hours worked during a selected period and the assigned employee hourly cost (from the Employee file).