Returns from Sales History


User privileges apply for this feature.

Processing a refund is simple with Bemacash. Click on the ‘Sales History’ icon and the screen below will be displayed. You can either enter a sales receipt number directly (top most field on the right: “Order num”) or you can filter the history by Cashier, Customer and Amount range of the receipt.

Once the order to be refunded is selected (by tapping on it), the application will offer the option to refund the receipt, partial or complete.

Select the items you wish to refund from the list of items sold on the receipt. You can also change the quantity by tapping on the Return Quantity column.

The example below shows a full refund of all items from order number 11-25.

Press ‘Return’ and follow the instructions on the screen to refund the transaction. After the refund is completed, the items returned will be shown grayed-out.

If the transaction was tendered by credit card, the system will request the cashier to swipe the credit card OR input the credit card information manually for the refund to go through.

After the return is complete, the system will automatically increment the available quantity for items with stock control enabled.