Selling an Item, Quick Service Ring-up


If your store is configured in Quick Service View mode, the main user interface will be like the one below.

Using the Shortcuts on the Bottom View

Items are grouped into Categories which are displayed on the left side. You can scroll up and down to browse through all the active categories.  When a Category is selected, all available items to that category are displayed on buttons on the bottom panel. Scroll horizontally to move to a different page (if the current panel is complete).


To Ring an item onto the screen just click on its button and the item will be added to the Order pane.


Manually input item Code

Click on the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner.

On the keypad below, key-in the item number and press “Confirm”. The item will then be added to the list.

Input Code.PNG

If the item is not found, the application will allow you to create a new item in the database for it. Check topic “Inventory Module” to learn more about how to add an item from Android Application on the fly.



Using the Search Option

Click on the magnifying glass icon on the top right to search for items in the database. Type a keyword for your item description on the top left input and select the item from the popup list. Your item will then be added to the screen.