Serialized Item Sales


When ringing up an item that is marked as serialized in the system, the cashier must input the serial number to proceed with the sale.

Keying in the item product code (or description) or scanning the product barcode, the application will prompt the user to enter the serial number for this item (it can be either manually typed or scanned with a bar code scanner).

If the serial number is unique in the system, scanning the serial number will add the item to the sale automatically.

If the serial number is not unique (other products contain the same S/N), the system will prompt the cashier for the product code, so that it can uniquely identify the item being sold.



Returns of serialized items are processed similarly to regular returns, but it is mandatory that the cashier scans (or types) the serial number of the item being returned.

Enter item serial number.PNG

The cashier can also change the status of the item being returned to one of the following: NEW, USED or BROKEN. 

The system will then inform the cashier if the warranty is still valid as shown below on the bottom of the window.