Store Settings


Click on your user name on the top right corner of the screen to view and/or edit the store settings, as shown below:


Options / Explanation

Time Zone

Adjust the time zone your store will be operating in.


Default sales tax rate for the store.

Store Type

The type of store.


Enable / Disable Tip control on the Store. When enabled, tips can be added to credit card transactions afterwards.


The subscription plan that you are currently subscribed to from the reseller.


Receipt Settings

Type of print Receipt

Simple Receipt- Will show the quantity on the left with the item and price on the right.

Detailed Receipt- Used for grocery stores, if you buy something that is weighed it will show 2.1LBS @ $1/LBS

Print 2 copies of the Debit Receipt

Receipt can be printed twice after the sale completed.

Print Kitchen Receipt for On Hold Orders

When you put the order on hold you can can have it print to the kitchen.

Print Drop or Payout

Print drop and payout receipts through the application.

Print Order Receipts

Set the total of order receipts to be printed.

Print Receipt by Default

When printing a guest receipt after a transaction, by default the check box to print the guest receipt will be checked.

Email Receipt by Default

When emailing a guest receipt after a transaction, by default the check box to email the guest receipt will be checked.

Digital Signature

Enable digital signature on the PAX machine. (Only D210 and S300 are supported)

Signature Receipt

Short - Prints out only the merchant copy of the receipt during a credit card transaction.

Long - Prints out the customer and merchant copy of the receipt during a credit card transaction.

Add Tip During Transaction

Ability to add a tip during the transaction instead of after transaction as an adjustment.

Receipt Footer Message 1

Sales Receipt text, below Store Name

Receipt Footer Message 2

Sales Receipt text, below Store Name


Application Settings

User Interface

Quick Service, default view à Short cuts on the screen for business where input is mostly done by selecting options on the screen (smaller quantity of items on database).

Retail à Input mostly done by scanner or manually keying in item codes (large inventory items on database).

 Wirelessà Similar as Retail but allows the input of special serial numbers (IMEI, ICCID)


Track items through the serial numbers (eg.: Phones, computers, etc.)

Require Signature on Transactions Higher Than:

Set a minimum value to require signature.

Max Number of Orders on Hold Allowed

Maximum Number of orders that are allowed to be placed “on-hold”

Cash drawer always closed

If yes, system will block use until cash drawer is closed.

Customer Pop-up Screen

When you press pay you can enable a customer dialog box to choose the customer for this particular order.

Clock-in mandatory for Sales

Clock-in will be requested for sale.

Commission Control

Store allows commission for items and employees

Default Store Commission

Percentage used for paying sales commission (it can be overridden by Employee commission value, category commission value or product commission value)

Enable X-Report Department Sales

Enable Department details as part of X-Report

Enable X-Report Item Sales

Enable Item details as part of X-Report

History kept in POS terminal

Keep 7, 30 or 45 days’ history sales in POS terminal. Keep it null in order to keep all sales.

Refund Policy

Full Refund- You can refund back the money that the customer payed with.

Store Credit- Only will receive a store credit.

Auto generate Product Code

When creating a new item, it will auto generate a product code for this item.

Secondary Inventory

Secondary Inventory

Custom Message for Customer Pop-up Screen

Add a custom message to the top of the customer pop-up screen.

Store Credit Good for

Set the due date of receipt.

Autofill Payment Amount

When you press pay after a sales transaction, the total amount will be auto filled on the payment screen.




Enable tips for your store.

Add Tip During Transaction

This will allow you to add tips on the fly after the credit card payment has been completed.

Tips split threshold ($)

Tips can be assigned to a single employee or split between more than one employee. This is the minimum tip amount for which the system will allow tip splits to occur.

Request Confirmation for Tips Higher Than

Dollar amount for which credit card transactions will automatically print Merchant’s copy of signature receipt. 


Loyalty Settings

Default Loyalty Plan

You can set a default loyalty plan when a new customer is added.

Earn Bonus Points for Dollar Amount

Loyalty points for items will be based on the dollar amount of the item.


Payment Button Settings

Credit, Debit, EBT Food stamp, EBT Cash, Offline Credit, Check

Enable or disable each one of these buttons on the payment screen.



QuickBooks Authorization

Connect your online QuickBooks account to BemaCash.

Gift Card Solution

Enable the use of gift cards.


Display Settings

Display top welcome message

If customer display is active, this message is displayed on the top line of the display.

Display bottom welcome message

If customer display is active, this message is displayed on the bottom line of the display.


Email Settings

Email Setting “From Email”

Email address shown to emails sent to customers

Email Setting “From Name”

Name shown on emails to customers.

Email Setting “Reply to”

Email address to which customers can reply to.