Time Based Pricing


On the toolbar, click on the 'Store' icon, select “Special Pricing” --> ”Time Based Pricing”. Here you can set up to 5 different price levels.

Some uses for this include Happy Hour pricing and lunch/dinner pricing. Click on the '+ Add new' button on price level 1 to add a time-based pricing.

On the description, put the name of your time-based pricing. Under register you can select specific registers that you want or don’t want this special pricing to apply to. Under start time and end time, this is where you will add the time that you want this time-based pricing to start and end.

As you can see below, dinner pricing is set for Mon-Fri - 5 pm to 10 pm. Once you have everything set, press the save button.

On this page you will see the Price Level 1 that you created. You can also edit, delete or add another price level.

On the toolbar, click on the 'Store'  icon, and select “Inventory Management”. Click on the item you would like to add this time-based pricing to. Scroll down to the section called “Time Based Pricing” and expand the section. You should see the name of the price level that you created. In this case, it is Dinner Pricing.

Click the checkbox to activate the time-based pricing. The specific time that you set here will override the sales price of this item during that time. So, in the case below, the sales price of this item is $10 dollars. If you put $15 dollars in this field, during the previously specified time (Mon-Fri - 5pm-10pm), the price of this item will be $15 dollars.

Click on the save button and this item will now be set. You can add as many items as you want to this special pricing.