Vendor Management & Purchase Order Management


With Bemacash you can easily organize your supplier using the ‘Vendors Management’ option from the  ‘Store’ Menu. When a vendor is added to the system, you will be able to place an order with them and have the system track its receipt afterwards.

First, create a vendor, filling in the information shown below (For suggested shipping method you can use a reminder such as "FedEx Ground", "UPS", etc.).

Click on the shopping cart button, shown highlighted below, to create a purchase order with this vendor.

The system will automatically fill in the shipping information with your store information, but you can edit that information and have a particular purchase order shipped to a different address if you wish.

Press the ‘Add Item’ button to insert a line to your purchase order. You can enter the product code (or UPC) or by description (key in the first 2 characters and system will suggest some possible matches for your input).

Enter Unit Price and Order Quantity to compete the line.  You can add a new line for a different product, if you wish. The "Misc. Charge" input allows you to add additional charges to this order, such as handling charges, shipping charges, taxes, etc. Press the ‘Save’ button to have the order entered into the Back Office. It will then be listed and available for further actions (PO Receipt and Printing).

To Receive a PO, click on the highlighted button below.

The system allows you to receive an order completely or partially. On the screen below, enter the quantity being received for each line*.

Press "Complete" when done.

*If the item is serialized, you will be prompted to enter each serial number, as explained in the previous topic.

You can see changes done in your inventory by running the report "Inventory Quantity Log".