Adding a Modifier


Click on '+ Add Group' to create your first modifier group. Note: Items must have a modifier group.

Add the description of your modifier group.  In the field “Number of modifiers that can be selected”, you will select the number of items that can be selected by the cashier for this modifier group. Then select save. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see the group that you created.

add modifier group.JPG

Click on the ‘Add Modifier’ button to add a modifier to this newly created group. On the top by default it will be set to “Native”. For this option, Bemacash lets you add a modifier on the fly. This is used if you are not keeping track of the inventory levels for that modifier. Fill in the modifier description, select the correct modifier group if not yet selected and add a cost if there is a cost to this modifier. Click Save to save this modifier.

You can also add a modifier from inventory. To add a modifier from inventory the modifier would have to be created like an item is created.  After your item is created press the ‘+ Add Modifier’  button. Change the add modifier switch at the top from “Native” to “Inventory”. Press the magnifying glass   button and search for the modifier that you created. Selecting the modifier that you created will then bring you back to the ‘Add a Modifier’ screen.

As you can see above, an item called Cheese has been added. You will then need to select the modifier group and the quantity of this modifier that is used for this item. “Total Item Price” is set when you create this modifier. The ‘Auto Apply’ box  is checked if you want this modifier to be auto applied when you press the item on the Bemacash register. For instance, this could be used for a bottle deposit, where the modifier ‘Bottle Deposit’ is automatically applied for every bottle sold.


After you hit save you will see the modifier in the group that you added. Here you can hit the pencil icon  to edit the modifier or ‘X’  to delete the modifier.

When you select a group on the left you can edit that group by pressing the ‘Edit Selected Group’ button. You can also remove the selected group by pressing the  ‘Remove Selected Group’ button.

To change the order of the group or item modifiers, just click and hold the modifier or group and drag it to the correct order that you would prefer. 


Modification --> Click on the '+' button to add options to the product OR save time by clicking on the button “Copy from other item” to have those options automatically prefilled for you using a pre-existing item configuration.

a.       Add-ons        --> Additional ingredients / services for the item. Multiple Add-ons can be selected per item at the point of sale (ex. Add Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles)

b.       No-options   --> Remove from ingredients/services for an item. Multiple No-options can be selected per item at the point of sale (ex. No Bun, No Ketchup, No Mayo)