When store commission is enabled on the back office, you will be able to track and pay commission to your employees (the employee must also be configured to be eligible for commission). BemaCash offers a comprehensive and complete commissioning approach that allows your store to apply 4 levels of commission to your product/service portfolio.:

·       Store Level

·       Employee Level

·       Category Level

·       Item Level

The system calculates the commission as shown in the flow chart below.

Commission is applied by default to the employee currently logged on (if he/she is eligible for commission). But, the cashier can change whom the sale will be assigned to from the Context Menu on the Register screen.

You can apply commission to more than one employee, just select the employees from the screen below. When more than one Sales Person is assigned to an order, the total commission is split between them (per the percentage configured in the product, category, store or employee file).

You can check employee payroll reports on the Register or in the back office to view the total amount of commission paid (or due) for a period of time.