Hardware Setup


Tablet Setup on the Base

Follow the Quick Start Guide from your particular stand base model, to learn how to affix the tablet onto the stand.

Printer and Cash Drawer Hardware Setup

Bluetooth Scanner

Follow the quick start guide instructions for your scanner model to setup the scanner and configure it to SPP Slave Mode to support Android connection with the device.

Further information on connecting and operating the scanner can be found below.


Note: For SB8010A, integrated scanner is available.


Bemacash can work with Bematech’s Bluetooth or USB barcode scanners. Please, check with your reseller what are the options available or contact Bematech). First you need set your Bluetooth device to work in SPP slave mode (check device Quick Start Guide). Then you will have to pair the Bluetooth device with your tablet: On the Android Device Settings, select Bluetooth and perform a scan to search for available devices. Once the device is selected, type “12345678” and finalize procedure. You will see the device listed as PAIRED devices.

Bluetooth Customer Display

Follow the customer display quick start guide instructions to learn how to setup the hardware and how to pair the display with your device.

Further information on connecting and operating the customer display can be found below:


Note: For SB8010A, integrate customer display is available.


After the customer display is successfully paired in the system (Check picture for Paired device under System setting) you can activate it in the application.

Click on the 'magnifying glass' icon to search for the Customer display.


Select “Integrated Customer display” (when existed for your device) or any other customer display available in your “Bemacash Bundle” and activation is complete.


When the customer display is activated an item description and cost will be shown on display while they are rung up on the Register. You can also configure a Welcome Message to be displayed while the register is idle. This message is setup on the Store Settings from Merchant Web page.

Pax Pin Pad Terminal