Inventory Module


Different from other cloud-based POS systems, Bemacash allows you to operate completely offline, including adding items (inventory or non-inventory) on the register itself, from the Android Application. This feature gives you the flexibility you need to run your business regardless of internet connectivity.

Tapping on the “Inventory” Button from the Dashboard main view will display below. User privileges apply for this feature.


Click on the “+” icon highlighted below.

Explanations on these fields are explained in the topic “Manually Populate your items (Product or Service) Database”.

For the Quick Service view, you can select the color for each button on the screen by tapping on the “Button View” button above to display the color palette.

Modifiers can be can be created in the item. Press on the cup+ icon.

Inventory Module 3.PNG

A group must first be added before adding a modifier. Press on the circle plus icon. Add the description of your modifier group. 

In the field “Select the number of modifiers”, you will select the number of items that are allowed for this modifier group. Then select save. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see the group that you created.

To create modifiers for that group, click on the ’+’ icon. On the top, by default, it will be set to “Native”. For this option, Bemacash lets you add a modifier on-the-fly. This is used if you are not keeping track of modifier inventory.

Fill in the modifier description, select the correct modifier group (if not yet selected) and add a cost if there is a cost to this modifier. Click ‘Add’ to save this modifier. In the screen below, you will see there are three different sizes.

You can also add a modifier from inventory. To add a modifier from inventory, the modifier would have to be created the way an item is created. Reference “Manually Add Inventory Items”.

After your item is created press the ’+’ icon. Change the add modifier button from “Native” to “Inventory”. Check the box next to “Find the item”. Start typing the item modifier that you created from inventory. Select the modifier that you created. Add the quantity that is required for the parent item and click ‘Add’. You should see a checkmark next to this item like the below picture.

When you select a group on the left you can edit that group by pressing the ‘EDIT SELECTED GROUP’ button. You can also remove the selected group by pressing the ‘REMOVE SELECTED GROUP’ button.

To change the order of the item modifiers, just click and hold the green arrow on the right and drag it to the correct position. To change the order of the groups, click on the three dots icon on the top right of the screen and select “Manage Groups”. To change the order of the groups, just click and hold the green arrow on the right and drag it to the correct position.



Adjusting Inventory On-hand Quantity

You can adjust the quantity for items that have the stock control option checked - meaning, the system tracks and controls the inventory count. Select the item from the inventory list you wish to adjust.

Click on the “Available Quantity” field. Key in the desired quantity to either: replace the current count OR adjust UP (positive) or DOWN (negative sign). 

For the example above, the available will change to 50 positive.



Delete an Item from database

Select the item on the inventory list and click on the garbage bin icon on top of the screen, as highlighted below.