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If your tablet does not have the App, Bemacash Android, pre-installed, please contact a sales representative to guide you through the installation process.



Android Signing In

After launching the Bemacash App, you will be prompted for cashier credentials. Make sure your device has been previously activated (see Topic Activate Your Registers).

sign in android.PNG

If you have not configured a store employee yet, visit topic adding the First Employee to Your Store, and create a cashier or manager account to log onto the system. 

Android Dashboard

- Clock in / Clock out -

- Shifts -


The dashboard will show different features / modules that are available to the user; this topic will cover those features in detail.


Note: The main Dashboard might vary in different units, because the setting option is different in different tablets. The picture below shows a screenshot from Samsung Tab 3 with no option key, if you are using Samsung Tab 2 it should be an icon on the top right corner.

The many different screens available to you in the Android Application will share some common icons and buttons with similar functionalities. See below:

Edit / Modify an Item / Option

Remove an Item / Option from Database

Add and Item / Option

Show a list of options for a particular screen

Email a Report

Print a Report on the local “Receipt Printer”

Search for Items

Export Reports

Clock in / Clock out

You can control your employee attendance using the Clock-in / Clock-out feature. On the dashboard, employees will key in their unique 3-digit ID and the system will record the date and time. 



Before you can operate your Register, you must open the Shift.  You can do this by clicking on the blue lock button on the right side of the screen.

If the current logged-on user does not have permission for that, you will be prompted for credentials of a user with accessibility to Open/Close shift. (If done that way, a message will appear on the top of the screen that reads: “Temporarily logged in as Manager”.)

You will enter a deposit amount (starting cash amount) for the cash drawer and then the cash drawer (if configured) will pop open.

enter opening amount.PNG

Close the cash drawer to finalize this operation. Click the “Exit” icon on the top of the screen to log-off as manager.

Once the shift is open, the “Register” Button will become enabled and you can begin your sales operations. The Dashboard will change to show information about Shift Duration, Cash Drawer Status and Sales information.

shift open.PNG

When you are done for the day, you can close the shift. Again, you will be prompted for user credentials if the current user does not have the right privileges.

Cash drawer will open, and you can count the cash available and key-in the amount.

Any difference between the real amount in the drawer and the amount per the system will be displayed to you on the dashboard. You can optionally print or view a Sales Summary Report for the current shift.

Low Inventory Item Notifications

The application will notify you when you are running low of any items. You will see this highlighted below with the number of low inventory items inside the red circle.

Clicking on the icon will show you the list of items that are running low. (i.e. They have an on-hand quantity lower than the minimum quantity that you have entered for that item)

Sales Transaction History

Clicking on the “Clock” icon below will list all sales, sorted by date.

You can search sales receipts by receipt number, cashier, customer or dollar amount range. 

Once you find and select a receipt, you will be able to Reprint it, Resend by email or perform a Refund (check topic “Returns – Processing a Customer Refund”) for more detailed information on performing a refund.