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The Web Dashboard will present you with a brief summary of your Store Sales in two ways: a ticker on the top and tables for the last 24 hour’s sales. You can adjust the sales period on the tables (Last 24 Hours / Last 6 Days / Last 30 Days / Year to date) by clicking the option button to the right as shown below.  The ticker information will always remain the last 24 hours.

     -   Total Revenues

     -   Cash Tender

     -   Credit Tender

     -   EBT Tender

     -   Debit Tender

     -   Other Tender

     -   AVG ticket Amount

     -   #Transactions

>     Consolidated for all your Store Registers

>     Total sales done with Cash

>     Total sales done with Credit Cards

>     Total sales done with EBT (Cash or Food Stamp)

>     Total sales done with Debit Cards

>     Total sales done using other Tender Methods

>     Average ticket amount for all Store Registers

>     Number of Sales Transactions for all Store Registers


There are many different screens available to you from the Web Dashboard that will share some common icons and buttons with similar functionalities. See below explanation of those buttons:

Edit Modify an Item Option.JPG

Edit / Modify an Item / Option

Remove an Item/Option

Add and Item/Option

Mark an Option as the preferred one (default)

Add Multiple Items/Options

Add/View Serialized Items